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Northeast Family Services offers comfort and support when your family needs assistance. Our company’s purpose is to provide our families with the absolute best service possible for your family's success. You can be confident that Northeast Family Services will provide you with the excellent care that you deserve. To be eligible for any of the programs listed below the child must be under 21, be a resident of the program's respective state, be living at home, be a member of Medicaid, and have a moderate to severe cognitive, physical, developmental, and/or psychiatric condition.

About Us


Home-based Therapeutic Services (HBTS)


HBTS is an intensive clinical program focusing on strengthening child and family responses

to challenging situations and/or behaviors. HBTS requires ongoing caregiver

participation in order to meet treatment goals and achieve lasting outcomes.

Personal Assistance & Support Services (PASS)


PASS is a community-based program for individuals 6-21 with special healthcare needs. Services focus on personal care, safety, and socialization. Families direct the development of their child’s service plan and supervise its implementation.



Respite provides temporary care for children with special needs. This allows families time away from caregiving responsibilities. Families have the ability to identify the caregiver and when services are needed. Respite can range from a few hours to overnight care.

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)


ABA is an evidenced-based approach to understanding and changing behavior. By determining the function of behaviors, a behavior analyst identifies ways to modify the home environment and teach new skills to improve an individual’s health and safety, ability to communicate, and family relationships.

Individual Counseling


Address the underlying causes of mental health concerns, addiction, and current stress with a trusted counselor.

Family Counseling


Internal change can result in challenges within family systems. Including the whole family  in treatment may better facilitate and support progress in a comprehensive setting.

Group Counseling


Participate in group therapy discussing relapse prevention, anger management, mindfulness, and other topics determined by the needs of the clients we currently serve.

Intensive Outpatient (IOP)

Program participants engage in groups around the theme of Substance Use for half a day at least three times a week. The program includes individual contact with a clinician, case management support, access to medication management, and additional services personalized to meet the needs of the person we are serving. IOP offers increased structure and therapeutic space to focus on meeting your substance use goals.

Individual Counseling

Address the underlying causes of addiction and current stress with a trusted counselor.


Family Counseling

Recovery success will result in change among family systems. Including them in treatment may facilitate and support progress made in other venues. 

Group Counseling​

Participate in group therapy with themes like relapse prevention, anger management, mindfulness, and other topics determined by the needs of the people served. 

Intensive Outpatient (IOP)

Counseling is provided in group treatment formats for a half a day program at least three times a week. The IOP will focus on Behavioral Health or Substance Use needs depending on which group may be the most helpful right now. Please call to determine eligibility.

Medication-Assisted Treatment 

As part of a holistic treatment plan, Medication-Assisted Treatment is a tool to support recovery. Several medication options are available and can be discussed with your provider.

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Our Team


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Melissa O'Donnell


Assistant Vice President

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Melissa McKenna


SUD Program Director

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