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Northeast Family Services offers comfort and support when your family needs assistance. Our company’s purpose is to provide our families with the absolute best service possible for your family's success. You can be confident that Northeast Family Services will provide you with the excellent care that you deserve.

About Us


Northeast Family Services of New Jersey, Inc. 

Offers support when your child and family needs assistance. Our company's purpose is to provide families with the absolute best service possible so they can succeed. You can be confident that Northeast Family Services, of New Jersey, Inc., will provide you with the excellent care that you and your family deserve. 

Medication Management 

•Provided by a licensed Psychiatrist 

•Our provider take the time to understand the concerns and symptoms each client may be experiencing

•Our provider will complete an individualized, integrated assessment, and treatment plan in collaboration with the patient and their family, as appropriate

•If medication is recommended, the Practitioner will walk the client and family through the medication need, possible side effects of the medication, usage, dosage, and course of treatment.

Outpatient Therapy  

•Licensed by the Department of Health

•Approved to provide IIC/BA Services by the Department of Children and Families Children's System of Care (CSOC)

•NFS provides a range of diagnostic and treatment services on an outpatient basis

•Outpatient treatment services are provided to Children, Adults,  Couples, and Families for a variety of presenting concerns

•Medication Management

•Our staff is highly trained and skilled to assist clients in learning new and effective ways to deal with challenging behaviors and emotions

•All services offered at home, in the community, at our clinic or via video conference

Individual Therapy  

•Tailored for the client

•Administered one-on-one

•Short and Long Term support for children, their families, and adults

•Individual goals and treatment plans are created in collaboration with the client and therapist

•With children and youth, a variety of activities are used to establish open communication between client and therapist, including but not limited to: Play, Role Play, Narrative Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, as well as art or other creativity methods

Family Therapy  

•Facilitated by the therapist

•Sometimes with the family as a group, sometimes between specific family members

•Help to improve the families understanding of how they respond to one another

•Provide education regarding behavioral problems, mental illness and at-home support

•Help families to overcome difference in communication styles and abilities

•Helps cultivate a culture within families for success

Couples Therapy  

•Facilitated by the therapist

•Discusses problem-solving techniques and encourages open and safe communication methods

•Can be administered to the couple or the individuals within the couple separately.

•Helps to improve the couple’s understanding of one another and how to better respond to one another

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FAX 401-681-4675
Our Team



Sonia Haynes


Senior Vice President of MA, NY, NJ, CT, & Telehealth

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Mae Lesko

Outpatient Clinician

Family Time


1149 Bloomfield Avenue

1st Floor 

Clifton, NJ 07012

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