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Northeast Family Services offers comfort and support when your family needs assistance. Our company’s purpose is to provide our families with the absolute best service possible so that your family can succeed. You can be confident that Northeast Family Services will provide you with the excellent care that you deserve.

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HCT Program
(Home and Community Treatment)

Home and Community Treatment is a home based behavioral health service for youth and families in need of a more intensive treatment than outpatient therapy. Services are provided by a Master's level clinician and a Bachelor's level health specialist. This in home treatment offers strategies to help children and families manage mental health symptoms, function better in home, school and the community and prevent hospitalization.

(Targeted Case Management)

Targeted Case Management is a strengths based, child focused service that supports children and their families in identifying and accessing supports and resources required to effectively manage children's mental and physical health needs. TCM will advocate for a child's needs across all settings including making appropriate referrals to community resources and work with the family and other providers to strengthen the treatment team.

Outpatient Therapy
Northeast Family Services Clinic provides a range of diagnostic and treatment services on an outpatient basis. Outpatient Therapy is provided to Adults, Youth, Couples and Families for a variety of presenting concerns. Our staff is highly trained and skilled to help you learn new strategies to deal effectively with challenging behaviors and emotions. Life can be difficult sometimes, and our agency is committed to helping you improve your quality of life.

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