Northeast Family Services offers comfort and support when your family needs assistance. Our company’s purpose is to provide our families with the absolute best service possible so that your family can succeed. You can be confident that Northeast Family Services will provide you with the excellent care that you deserve. To be eligible for any of the programs listed below patient must be 6-75 years of age, be a resident of the state of Florida, and have a moderate to severe psychiatric condition.



Psychiatric Services

These services include evaluation of the need for medication; evaluation of clinical effectiveness and side effects of medication; prescribing, dispensing, and administering of psychiatric medications; medication education and facilitating informed consent; and evaluating the status of the recipient’s community functioning. Services are provided by licensed clinicians.

Behavioral Health Therapy Services

Our clinic provides a range of diagnostic and treatment services on an outpatient basis. Outpatient therapy is provided to children, youth, adults, and families for a variety of presenting concerns. Our staff is highly trained and skilled to help you learn new strategies to deal effectively with challenging behaviors and emotions.

  • Individual Therapy:

Individual Therapy uses a variety of activities to establish communication with the therapist and resolve problems. Therapists work with the client to minimize symptoms related to mental health issues. Services can be provided in office, in your home, or via telehealth.

  • Family Therapy:

Family therapy is facilitated by a therapist, sometimes with the entire family group and sometimes with individuals. Family therapy helps family members improve their understanding of and the ways in which they respond to one another. This type of therapy can resolve patterns of behavior that might lead to more severe mental illness. It can also help educate individuals about the nature of mental disorders and teach them skills to better cope with the effects of having a family member with a mental illness (e.g. dealing with feelings of anger or guilt). Services can be provided in office on in your home.


  • Group Therapy:

Group therapy services use cognitive behavioral or supportive therapy interventions to assist the client in feeling connected to others in the community with similar presenting issues by participating in therapy in a group setting up to 15 people.  

  • Child Therapy:

 Child therapy services assist children aged 6-17 through a variety of engaging activities to establish communication with the therapist and resolve problems. Therapists work with the child to express emotions and problems that would be too difficult to discuss without assistance. Services can be offered in office or at your home.​

Psychosocial Rehabilitation (PSR)

Psychosocial rehabilitation services (PSR) are intended to restore the client’s skills and abilities essential for independent living. Activities include: development and maintenance of necessary daily living skills; food planning and preparation; money management; maintenance of the living environment; and training in appropriate use of community services. This service combines daily medication use, independent living and social skills training, housing services, prevocational and transitional employment rehabilitation training, social support, and network enhancement to recipients and their families.

Services assist with implementing interventions on a treatment plan to compensate for, or eliminate, functional deficits and interpersonal and/or behavioral health barriers associated with the client’s behavioral health needs. Activities are “hands on” and task oriented, intended to achieve the identified goals or objectives as set forth in the client’s individualized treatment plan. These services must include assisting the patient to develop and apply skills in natural settings. The client must have a diagnosis to receive this service. Psychosocial rehabilitation services may be provided in a facility, home, or community setting and can also be completed in a group setting up to 12 people or individually.

Therapeutic Behavioral On-Site Services (6-20 years old)


Therapeutic behavioral on-site services (TBOS) are intended to prevent recipients who have complex needs from requiring placement in a more intensive, restrictive behavioral health setting. These services are coordinated through individualized treatment teams and are designed to assist recipients and their families.  Therapeutic behavioral on-site services are intended to maintain the recipient in the home. Services are limited to recipients under the age of 21 years meeting specific eligibility criteria. 

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

Coming soon!​

Telehealth/Telemedicine Services


Northeast Family Services provides the option of telehealth services when appropriate. Telehealth allows clients to connect with mental health professionals remotely using HIPPA compliant video platforms. Telehealth/telemedicine is the use of computers, smartphones, tablets, etc. to allow patients to connect remotely with their providers.  Telehealth is beneficial for a variety of reasons including: social distancing, no commuting to office, and less time off from work. Telehealth is not best practice for patients experiencing suicidal/homicidal ideation.

Targeted Case Management


The goal of TCM is to optimize the functioning of individuals with a mental health diagnosis and maximize their independence. We will assist our clients by linking, advocating, coordinating, and monitoring services that will benefit their mental health. Navigating life with a mental illness can be difficult, so our TCMs work diligently to assist in individuals in obtaining the support they need. 


How We Help:

·    Linkage to Psychosocial Rehabilitation

·    Linkage to Continuing Education (i.e. GED services) 

·    Advocacy With Housing Assistance (i.e. Section 8, Public Housing, Subsidized Housing, etc.)

·    Advocacy with Medicaid Renewal

·    Advocacy Within the Court Room

·    Advocacy Within the Juvenile Justice System

·    Linkage to Medical Service Providers (i.e. Neurologists, Speech Therapists, Occupational Therapists, etc.) 

·    Linkage to Food, Clothing, and Transportation

·    Referral to Vocational Resources to obtain employment

·    Referral in Home Therapeutic Services

·    Advocacy in the Classroom and educational facilities (i.e. public schools, charter schools, IEP assistance etc)

·    Linkage to Disability Resources 

·    Linkage to therapy and mental health assessment

·    Adult Support Services

Case Management Requirements: 


·    Must be receiving Medicaid or willing to participate in self-pay services 

·    Have a need for, coordination, linkage, and monitoring (i.e unable to advocate for themselves due to mental illness)

·    Must be at risk of out of home placement due to mental illness

·    A mental health diagnosis is required for services. If a mental health diagnosis is not available, but suspected, our Case Managers will assist in linking individual to a licensed mental health professional for an assessment. 


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