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Outpatient Services

To be eligible for outpatient services, the primary client must be under 18 years of age. Our clinic provides a range of diagnostic and treatment services on an outpatient basis. Outpatient therapy is provided to children, youth, and families for a variety of presenting concerns. Our staff is highly trained and skilled to help you learn new strategies to deal effectively with challenging behaviors and emotions.

  • Individual Therapy:

Individual Therapy uses a variety of activities to establish communication with the therapist and resolve problems. Therapists work with the child to express emotions and problems that would be too difficult to discuss without assistance.

  • Family Therapy:

Family therapy is facilitated by a therapist, sometimes with the entire family group and sometimes with individuals. Family therapy helps family members improve their understanding of and the ways in which they respond to one another. This type of therapy can resolve patterns of behavior that might lead to more severe mental illness. It can also help educate individuals about the nature of mental disorders and teach them skills to better cope with the effects of having a family member with a mental illness (e.g. dealing with feelings of anger or guilt).


Medication Assessment & Management ​

•Our provider takes the time to understand the concerns and symptoms each client may be experiencing

•Our provider will complete an individualized, integrated assessment, and treatment plan in collaboration with the patient and their family, as appropriate

•If medication is recommended, the Practitioner will walk the client and family through the medication need, possible side effects of the medication, usage, dosage, and course of treatment.






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