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Northeast Family Services provides Circle of Care services in the state of Illinois. Let us encircle your family with Wraparound treatment comprised of formal services and your natural supports.

Our company is honored to bring our almost two decades of experience providing home and community-based services in other states to the communities of Illinois.

Circle of Care is based on Wraparound Principles: Culturally Humble, Youth Guided, Family Driven, Team Based, Community Based & Collaborative, and Data & Outcome Driven.

Circle of Care empowers you and your youth to lead the treatment that is being provided. NFS brings the services to you and alleviates the barriers of having to travel to appointments in between your busy schedule. Circle of Care provides intensive support without needing a higher level of care.

Circle of Care Therapists

Circle of Care Therapists are master’s level clinicians that provide intensive therapy in your home, focused on the goals that are important to you. NFS partners with you to address behaviors such as school refusal, strained relationships, following directions, and setting limits, etc.

Youth Community Mentors

Youth Community Mentors are individuals that meet with your youth one-to-one in the community to develop skills based on treatment goals identified by you and your youth. This can include frustration management, anger management, social skills, and coping skills.

Family Community Mentors

Family Community Mentors are parents or caregivers with lived experience parenting young individuals navigating the behavioral health system in Illinois. Mentors are responsible for advocating for youth, accessing resources, and identifying community supports.

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