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Bridging the Gap Between Home, School, and Mental Health Needs

Offered in New York

Online Class

Integrated School Based Teleheath Therapy Designed Around YOU

Connection Through Technology

Building Bridges Telehealth Program partners with educators through technology to ensure every child has immediate access to five star mental health services including mental health assessments, evidence based therapy, medication management and collaboration with collaterals.

Focus on Learning

Integrated school-based telehealth improves and expands a student's ability to access mental health support and helps students learn new skills and focus on learning. 

Opportunity to Thrive

Our premier team of clinicians and therapists are diverse and culturally competent professionals committed to providing care for every student. We work with the students and their families to expand their tools to succeed and thrive.

Learning Together

Building Bridges Benefits

Immediate Access

Northeast Family Services has a dedicated team to partner with our schools to ensure students have immediate access to services. 

Premier Services

Northeast Family Services provides evidence based practices that meet the needs of each client and provides them with individualized care to meet the student where they are.

Family Focused

Northeast Family Services believes that including the family is critical for a student's success and are committed to involve the family in a way that works for them.

Youth Driven

Northeast Family Services works to empower youth in their treatment, advocate for their goals, and improve skill development.

Cost Effective

Unlike others, we don't charge subscription or membership fees. We accept major insurance providers and there is also no cost to the schools.

Virtual or In Person Options

NFS is a multi-state agency providing a variety of treatment options including in person at school, our office, or virtual.  We look forward to meeting in a format that is meaningful for the student.

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